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Village Resolutions

Below are links to pdf copies of Village Resolutions.  Please click on the Resolution number to view.
2017-01: Approving the 2015-2016 Fiscal Audit for the Village
2017-02:  Approve 2017 FY Audit Karrison Engagement Letter
2017-03: Karrison Payment for 2016 Audit
2017-04: Awarding Quick Cut Lawn Service the 2017 Mowing Bid
2017-05: Renaming Main Street to Wooley Road
2017-06: Approving the Purchase of Tree Saplings for Village Hall and Simon Anderson Park
2017-07: Accepting Affordable Roofing Proposal for Cupola Repair 
2017-08: Accepting Elgin Key and Lock Proposal for Re-Keying Village Hall
2017-09: Accepting Active Excavation and Wrecking Proposal to Clear Cochise Drain
2017-10: Approve Final Payment to Campton Construction for Hazelwood Drainage Ditch Project
2017-11: Declare IGA with Campton Township Road District Complete
2017-12: Authorizing Installation of One Temporary Toilet at Park
2017-13: Granting License to Tim Metz to Farm 5 Acres Between Hall and Park for 2017 season.
2017-14: Approving Quick Cut Proposal for Lawn Fertilizer at Village Hall
2017-15: Approving Final JA Johnson Paving for 2016 Road Maintenance
2017-16: Approving Final JA Johnson Paving for Hanson Ridge and Parking Lot
2017-17: Approving IGA Cooperative Contract with IMLRMA
2017-18: Approving Contribution to Continuing Water Study in Campton Township
2017-19: Accepting Quick Cut Lawn Service Proposal for Village Berm Maintenance
2017-20: Accepting CAM Proposal for Various Road Maintenance
2017-21: Accepting AC Pavement Maintenance Proposal for Hanson Rd and IC Trail Maintenance
2017-22: Granting License to Mike Wiesbrock to Cut Village 5 Acre Lot for the 2017 Mowing Season

2016-01: Approving Fiscal Year 2015 Audit
2016-02: Accepting Resignation of Village President
2016-03: Approving Payment to Builders Paving for 2015 Road Program
2016-04: Approving Payment to Builder Paving for Village Parking Lot
2016-05: Approving Contract With Karrison LLC for 2016 FY Audit
2016-06: Accepting Resignation of Village Clerk
2016-07: Accepting Proposal to Repair Hazelwood Ditch
2016-08: Accepting Proposal to Repair Read Rd Culvert
2016-09: Award 2016 Lawn Maintenance to Quick Cut Lawn Service
2016-10: Approving Grant Applications
2016-14: Accepting Proposal to Replace Culvert on Hazelwood Ct
2016-15: Accepting Proposal to Make Repairs to Heather Ln
2016-16: Authorizing the Transfer of All Illinois Funds Accounts to Old Second
2016-17: Accepting Proposal to Replace Culvert on East End of Hanson Rd
2016-18: Accepting Proposal to Replace Culvert on Coleman Ln
2016-19: Accepting Bid for the 2016 Road Maintenance Program
2016-20: Approving the Purchase of Building Codes
2016-21: Accepting the Proposal from the Guter Crew for the Village Hall
2016-22: Approve Final Payment to Builders Paving for the Village Parking Lot
2016-23: Approve Final Payment to Builders Paving for the 2015 Road Maintenance Project
2016-24: Approve Active Excavating and Wrecking Proposal for Ditch Work in SSVII
2016-25: Approve Active Excavating and Wrecking Proposal for Super Silt Fence Installation in SSVII
2016-26: Approve Vons Electric Inc. Proposal for Electrical Service Installation at Simon Anderson Park
2016-27: Approve the Purchase of Light Fixtures from E-Conolight for Simon Anderson Park Area and Pavilion
2016-28: Authorizing Agreement with Kane County Animal Control
2016-29: Approving Purchase of Picnic Tables for the Park
2016-30: Accepting Bid of Active Excavating and Wrecking, Inc. for the 2016-2017 Season
2016-31: Approving Clerk's Membership to NIMCA
2016-32: Accepting Proposal of Active Excavating for Hazelwood Tr Drainage Repair
2016-33: Approving 1st Pay Request to JA Johnson Paving for Paving Village Parking lot and Hanson Ridge
2016-34: Approving 1st Pay Request to JA Johnson Paving for 2016 Road Maintenance Program
2016-35: Accepting Proposal of JTK Management for Heather LN, Fescue Ct and Meadowview Ln Repair
2016-36: Accepting Proposal of JTK Management for Sunset Views Dr. Repiars
2016-37: Appointing a Building, Zoning and Code Officer for the Village of Lily Lake 
2016-38: Approving Purchase of Playground Mulch
2016-39: Accepting Active Excavating Proposal for Ground-work at Simon Anderson Park
2016-40: Adopting IDOT ROW Permit Requirements
2016-41: Approving IMLRMA Membership Renewal
2016-42: Authorizing IMLRMA Premium Payment for 2017 Insurance Coverage
2016-43: Approving Settlement of 44W064 Rt 64 Litigation
2016-44: Authorizing the Past Transfer and Closure of Huntington Ridge SSA Funds
2016-45: Authorizing the Past Transfer and Closure of the Simon Anderson Restricted Fund
2016-46: Accepting the Proposal from Prairie State Water Systems, Inc. for the Replacement of the Well Tank
2016-47: Tabled
2016-48: Approving the 2017 Meeting Schedule

2015-33: Authorizing Payment of Audit Invoice
2015-31: Authorizing Opening Checking Account at Old Second for Deposit of SSA and Restricted Funds
2015-30: Approving Contract with B&F Construction Code Services
2015-29: Approving 2016 Meeting Schedule
2015-28: Approving Final Payment to Curran Contracting
2015-27: Approving Payment of Annual Insurance
2015-26: Approving and Accepting the Hazelwood Drainage Project as Complete and Authorizing Final Payment
2015-25: Authorizing Campton Township to Trim Trees Within The Right Of Way
2015-23: Authorizing Emergency Road Repairs
2015-22: Authorizing an Intergovernmental Agreement with Campton Township and the Campton Township Highway Commissioner for the Exchange of Road Maintenance Services
2015-21: Accepting the Proposal from Active Excavating for Right-Of-Way Repairs at Cornwall Drive
2015-20: Accepting the Proposal from Active Excavating for Right-Of-Way Repairs at Coleman Lane and Leslie Court
2015-17:  Accepting the Bid from Builders Paving LLC for Road Repairs Using Motor Fuel Tax Funds
2015-16: Approving Replacement of Mulch at Simon Anderson Park
2015-15: Approving Road Repairs for Campton Court by Active Excavating
2015-14: Approving Road Repairs for Meadowview Lane by Active Excavating
2015-12: Accepting The Bid of Campton Construction for the Completion of the Hazelwood Drainage Project
2015-11:  Appropriating MFT Funds for Road Repair Services for the 2015-2016 Road Maintenance Project
2015-09:  Opposing the Proposed Reduction of Local Government Distributive Funds by the State of Illinois
2015-08:  Awarding Bid for 2015 Mowing
2015-06:  Approving Contract with EEI for Services in Connection with Drainage System
2015-05:  Authorizing Intergovernmental Agreement KCFP for Drainage Improvements
2015-03:  Approving Use of Village Hall by the Forest Preserve Police
2015-02:  Authorizing Renewal of Intergovernmental Agreement with Kane County Animal Control Services
2015-01:  Approval of the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year Audit

2014-26:  Approving Annual Meeting Schedule
2014-25:  Authorizing Payment of Premium Due to IMLRMA Insurance Policy
2014-24:  Declaring the Office of Trustee is Vacant by More Than Temporary Removal of Residence from the Village
2014-22:  Resolution Required by IDOT in Connection with Installing School Signs
2014-20:  Opposing the Disconnection from the Elburn & Countryside Fire Protection District and Annexation to Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District
2014-19:  Authorizing Road Repairs and Maintenance
2014-17:  Acceptance of Curran Contracting Bid for 2014 Road Maintenance Project
2014-15:  Accepting the Proposal of Freehill Asphalt for Crack Repairs to Village Roads
2014-14:  Exercising the Option to Extend the Contact of Active Excavating for Snow Removal Services for the 2014-2015 Season
2014-13:  Accepting the Proposal of Active Excavating for Drain Repairs
2014-12:  Approving the Final Payment to Porter Co. for the Pavilion at Simon Anderson Park
2014-11:  Authorizing the Disposition of Special Taxes Collected for SSA 5 and SSA 6
2014-07:  Renewing Membership in Metro West Council of Government
2014-06:  Approving Contract with Karrison, LLC for Preparation of 2014 Audit
2014-05:  Authorizing Renewal of Intergovernmental Agreement with Kane County Animal Control Services
2014-02:  Requesting an Exemption From Filing Audit for Fiscal Year 2013

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