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Village Resolutions

Below are links to pdf copies of Village Resolutions. Please click on the Resolution number to view.

Below are links to pdf copies of Village Resolutions. Please click on the Resolution number to view.2019-01: Approving the 2018 FY Audit

Village Resolutions


2023-01: Approve 2023 Mowing Proposal

2023-02: Approve 2022 FY Audit

2023-03: Approve EEI Contract for 2023 Road Maintenance Program

2023-04: Approve MFT $60,000 for 2023 Road Program

2023-04a: IDOT Resolution for $60,000 MFT

2023-05: Approve Rebuild Illinois MFT $65,442.60 for 2023 Road Program

2023-05a: IDOT Resolution for $65,442.60

2023-06: Award 2023 Road Maintenance Program 

2023-07: Approve Milk house Cleaning

2023-08: Approve Emergency Rip Rap

2023-09: Appoint Check signer - Tim Dell

2023-10: Approve Hyrdo-jetting in Cochise 

2023-11: Approve Fox Wilds/Fox Hill Ditch and Culvert Restoration; $5,600

2023-12: Approve Hanson Rd. Hydro-jetting $2,400

2023-13: Approve Hanson Rd. Ditch Restoration; $2,450

2023-14: Accept Furnace Replacement Proposal; $20,590

2023-15: Accept Landscaping Maintenance for Park and Village Hall; $7,000

2023-16: Accept ERH, LLC Proposal as Public Works Consultant

Village Resolutions


2022-01:   Approving the 2021 FY Audit

2022-02: Approve J.U.L.I.E. Application for Membership

2022-03: Approve Quick Cut Lawn Service for 2022 Mowing Season

2022-04: Accept Window Washing Quote

2022-05: Accept Bookcase Quote

2022-06: Approve TV Monitor Purchase

2022-07: Accept Landscape Bid for Park & Village Hall

2022-08: Accept Crack-Fill Bid for I.C. Tr.

2022-09: Accept Reclamite Bid for Various Village Roads

2022-10: Accept Hanson Ridge Sinkhole Repair Bid

2022-11: Accept SW Cochise Drain Tile Jetting Bid

2022-12: Retain Environmental Consultant

2022-13: Approve Additional Compensation; For the Gas Spill

2022-14: Approve Additional Compensation; For Gas Spill

2022-15: Approve Proposal for Manhole Replacement; 5N463 Hanson Rd

2022-16: Approve KC Animal Control Contract

2022-17: Approve Hanson Rd Underdrain SW Side

2022-18: Approve Hanson SW Side Restoration

2022-19: Approve Proposal for Purchase of Replacement Copier 

2022-20: Award Snow Removal Bid

2022-21: Approve 2022 FY Audit Letter of Engagement

2022-22: Approve Retainer for Environmental Consultant

2022-23: Approve Retainer for Planning Consultant

2022-24: Approve Tree Trim-Landscape Bid at Village Hall

2022-25: Approve IMLRMA Renewals

2022-26: Approve Retainer for Planning Consultant; PUD 

2022-27: Approve 2023 Meeting Schedule

Village Resolutions


2021-01:  Approving the 2020 FY Audit

2021-02: Approve MFT 2021 Road Maintenance Application

2021-03: Approve Purchase of Chromebooks and Docking Station - (Repeal 2020-20)

2021-04: Approve Fox Wilds Culvert Replacement Project - Phase I

2021-05: Adopt IDOT ROW Construction Requirements

2021-06: Accept 2021 Mowing Season Proposal - Quick Cut Lawn Service

2021-07: Approve Fox Wilds Culvert Replacement Project - Phase II

2021-08: Approve Proposal for Movable Speed Bumps

2021-09: Granting License to Cut Village 5 Acre Field

2021-10: Accept Proposals for Village Hall and Park Landscape Maintenance

2021-11: Approve Fox Wilds Culvert Replacement Project - Phase III

2021-12: Approve Hydro-Jet SW Cochise at 44W655

2021-13: Adopt Affordable Housing Plan

2021-14: Approve Proposal for Hydro-Jet to Virgil Ditch

2021-15: Approve Proposal for Crack-filling Village Roads

2021-16: Approve Proposal for Village Hall Repairs

2021-17: Approve Proposal for Village Hall Painting

2021-18: Approve Proposal for Cornwall Sinkhole Repair

2021-19: Approve Proposal for Cornwall-Hazelwood Shoulder Repair

2021-20: Approve Proposal for SSVII Pond Drain Repair

2021-21: Approve Proposal for 2021 Road Paving Program

2021-22: Approve Proposal for 2021 Audit

2021-23: Approve Proposal for N. Sanctuary Ditch Repair

2021-24: Approve Proposal for Coleman Underdrain Installation

2021-25: Approve Proposal for Coleman Ditch Restoration

2021-26: Approve Extending Snow Removal Contract for 2021-2022 Season

2021-27: Approve Proposal for Repairing the Sinkhole on Heather Lane 

2021-28: Approve Proposal for Additional Playground Mulch

2021-29: Accept J.P. Const. Bid to Paint Exterior Doors

2021-30: Endorse the 2021 Climate Action Plan

2021-31: Approve IMLRMA Membership and Renewal

2021-32: Approve Proposal for Yard Repair at 5N790 PVD

2021-33: Approve Proposal for Read Road Repair

2021-34: Approving 2022 Meeting Schedule

Village Resolutions

To view prior years, please visit the Village office or request a copy through our 'Contact" link