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Via Ordinance, the Village has adopted the most current Prevailing Wage as ascertained by the County of Kane and the State of Illinois.  Click above to view these rates.   

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International Property Maintenance Code 2015 adopted.  The International Property Maintenance Code 2015 along with all the amendments are available for review at the Village Office during normal business hours.

Following are some of the ordinances that are most commonly called into question:

            Village Burn Ordinance

Open Fires:  
It is unlawful for any person to cause, suffer, allow or permit the burning of rubbish, refuse, plastic of any kind, cut grass, preservative treated wood, garbage, metal salvage, or any other material, in open fires.  This section does not apply to the open burning of charcoal, leaves, uncut grass, brush, or untreated wood or paper.

Limited Burning:
Upon specific request, controlled burning on a limited basis for school, governmental or other institutional functions, may be allowed by the Board of Trustees; provided that the Board finds that such burning will pose no danger or inconvenience to adjoining property owners, and will not be detrimental to the general public health and safety of the community.

Burning of Leaves, etc.:
It is unlawful for any person to cause, suffer, allow or permit the open burning of leaves, uncut grass, brush, or untreated wood or paper, except on the following conditions
  1. All such fires must be extinguished prior to dusk-Exception- Campfires, Winter months-Fires of wood or paper only are permitted after dusk from November 1 through March 31
  2. No fire shall be permitted on the paved area of public streets, sidewalks, or alleys within the Village.
  3. No fire shall be left unattended and no fire shall be permitted during periods of high wind or atmospheric inversions.

 Off-Road Vehicle Use

Per State Law, off-road vehicles such as golf carts, atvs, dirt bikes, etc., are not permitted on roadways.  If stopped, you ca be ticketed and if under-age,that ticket prevents obtaining a drivers license when of-age.  
ATVs are allowed on the right-of-way only, not beyond. 



Ord 2019-01 Minor Subdivision
Ord 2019-02  Map Amendment-Zoning-Variations
Ord 2019-03 Repeal Historic Dist
Ord 2019-04 Regulate Temp Structures
Ord 2019-05 Amend Village Code - Officers
Ord 2019-06 Appropriations FY 2020
Ord. 2018-01: Amend Village Code - Zoning Ord - Accessory Buildings, Fences, B1 Special Use
Ord 2018-02: Amend Village Code - Zoning Ord - Lily Lake Food Mart Variation
Ord 2018-03 Amend Village Code - Zoning - Accessory Vehicles
Ord. 2018-04: Appropriations FY 2019
Ord 2018-05: Small Wireless Facilities
Ord 2018-06: Amend Village Code - Compensation
Ord 2018-08: Adopt Prevailing Wage
Ord 2018-09: Amend Village Code - Compensation
Ord 2018-10: Failed
Ord 2018-11: Amend Zoning Ordinance-SV CSG LL2-Solar 
Garden Special Use Application
Ord 2018-12: SSA Tax Levy
Ord 2018-13: Temp Moratorium on Alt Energy Development

Ord. 2017-01: Adopting Prevailing Wage  
     (Note: IDOL revised some rates, they are on record at       the Village Hall for review or  visit

Ord. 2017-02: Appropriations for 2017-2018
Ord. 2017-03: Amend Village Code - Zoning - Noise 
Ord. 2017-04: SSA Tax Levy

Ord. 2016-01: Amend Zoning Ord - Variance of Signage for Bell Fuels
Ord. 2016-02: 2016-2017 Appropriations
Ord. 2016-03: Amending Village Code - Compensation - Clerk
Ord. 2016-04: Amending Village Code - Adopting 2015 ICC and other Codes
Ord. 2016-05: Amending Village Code Chapter 4 - Parking
Ord. 2016-06: Amending Village Code Chapter 1 - Admin, Subchapter 5 - Compensation - Reimbursement Policy 
Ord. 2016-07: Fiacco Fence Variance
Ord. 2016-08: Pitstick Lot Width Variance
Ord. 2016-09: SSA Tax Levy
Ord. 2016-10: Amend Village Code - Parking

Ord. 2015-01: Parking in "T" Shaped Cul-De-Sacs and During Snow Events
Ord. 2015-05:  2015-2016 Appropriations
Ord. 2015-09: SSA Tax Increase
Ord. 2015-11: Acceptance of Credit Cards

Ord.  2014-01: Repealing Video Gaming
Ord. 2014-02: Terminating Special Service Areas 5 and 6
Ord. 2014-05: Building Permit Fees
Ord.  2014-09: Vehicle Weight Limits

Ord. 2013-01: Utility Tax
Ord. 2013-05: Nicor Utility Tax 

Ord. 2012-06: Development Fees
Ord. 2012-09: Animal Control


Ord. 2010-05: Comprehensive Land Use
Ord. 2010-13: Soliciting

2009 and earlier
Ord. 2009-18: Video Gaming

Ord. 2008-07: Miscellaneous changes and illumination standards
Ord. 2007-05: Sections 1, 2, and 3
Ord. 2007-07: Signs

Ord. 2004-03: Added Street Name Sign standard specifications

Ord. 2002-03: Dedication of Park Lands and School Site or payment of fees in lieu thereof
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