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Village Resolutions

Below are links to pdf copies of Village Resolutions. Please click on the Resolution number to view.


2023-01: Approve 2023 Mowing Proposal

2023-02: Approve 2022 FY Audit

2023-03: Approve EEI Contract for 2023 Road Maintenance Program

2023-04: Approve MFT $60,000 for 2023 Road Program

2023-04a: IDOT Resolution for $60,000 MFT

2023-05: Approve Rebuild Illinois MFT $65,442.60 for 2023 Road Program

2023-05a: IDOT Resolution for $65,442.60

2023-06: Award 2023 Road Maintenance Program 

2023-07: Approve Milk house Cleaning

2023-08: Approve Emergency Rip Rap

2023-09: Appoint Check signer - Tim Dell

2023-10: Approve Hyrdo-jetting in Cochise 

2023-11: Approve Fox Wilds/Fox Hill Ditch and Culvert Restoration; $5,600

2023-12: Approve Hanson Rd. Hydro-jetting $2,400

2023-13: Approve Hanson Rd. Ditch Restoration; $2,450

2023-14: Accept Furnace Replacement Proposal; $20,590

2023-15: Accept Landscaping Maintenance for Park and Village Hall; $7,000

2023-16: Accept ERH, LLC Proposal as Public Works Consultant

2023-17: Accept Karrison LLC Letter of Engagement FY 2023; $7,400

2023-18: TABLED

2023-19: Accept Renewal of Snow Removal Contract

2023-20: Approve System Storage Upgrade

2023-21: Approve Collateralization Agreement

2023-22: Approve Tree Trimming; $996.00

2023-23: Approve Crack-Filling Agreement; $2852.00

2023-24: Approve Mapping Fee Cost Sharing; $400



2022-01:   Approving the 2021 FY Audit

2022-02: Approve J.U.L.I.E. Application for Membership

2022-03: Approve Quick Cut Lawn Service for 2022 Mowing Season

2022-04: Accept Window Washing Quote

2022-05: Accept Bookcase Quote

2022-06: Approve TV Monitor Purchase

2022-07: Accept Landscape Bid for Park & Village Hall

2022-08: Accept Crack-Fill Bid for I.C. Tr.

2022-09: Accept Reclamite Bid for Various Village Roads

2022-10: Accept Hanson Ridge Sinkhole Repair Bid

2022-11: Accept SW Cochise Drain Tile Jetting Bid

2022-12: Retain Environmental Consultant

2022-13: Approve Additional Compensation; For the Gas Spill

2022-14: Approve Additional Compensation; For Gas Spill

2022-15: Approve Proposal for Manhole Replacement; 5N463 Hanson Rd

2022-16: Approve KC Animal Control Contract

2022-17: Approve Hanson Rd Underdrain SW Side

2022-18: Approve Hanson SW Side Restoration

2022-19: Approve Proposal for Purchase of Replacement Copier 

2022-20: Award Snow Removal Bid

2022-21: Approve 2022 FY Audit Letter of Engagement

2022-22: Approve Retainer for Environmental Consultant

2022-23: Approve Retainer for Planning Consultant

2022-24: Approve Tree Trim-Landscape Bid at Village Hall

2022-25: Approve IMLRMA Renewals

2022-26: Approve Retainer for Planning Consultant; PUD 

2022-27: Approve 2023 Meeting Schedule


2021-01:  Approving the 2020 FY Audit

2021-02: Approve MFT 2021 Road Maintenance Application

2021-03: Approve Purchase of Chromebooks and Docking Station - (Repeal 2020-20)

2021-04: Approve Fox Wilds Culvert Replacement Project - Phase I

2021-05: Adopt IDOT ROW Construction Requirements

2021-06: Accept 2021 Mowing Season Proposal - Quick Cut Lawn Service

2021-07: Approve Fox Wilds Culvert Replacement Project - Phase II

2021-08: Approve Proposal for Movable Speed Bumps

2021-09: Granting License to Cut Village 5 Acre Field

2021-10: Accept Proposals for Village Hall and Park Landscape Maintenance

2021-11: Approve Fox Wilds Culvert Replacement Project - Phase III

2021-12: Approve Hydro-Jet SW Cochise at 44W655

2021-13: Adopt Affordable Housing Plan

2021-14: Approve Proposal for Hydro-Jet to Virgil Ditch

2021-15: Approve Proposal for Crack-filling Village Roads

2021-16: Approve Proposal for Village Hall Repairs

2021-17: Approve Proposal for Village Hall Painting

2021-18: Approve Proposal for Cornwall Sinkhole Repair

2021-19: Approve Proposal for Cornwall-Hazelwood Shoulder Repair

2021-20: Approve Proposal for SSVII Pond Drain Repair

2021-21: Approve Proposal for 2021 Road Paving Program

2021-22: Approve Proposal for 2021 Audit

2021-23: Approve Proposal for N. Sanctuary Ditch Repair

2021-24: Approve Proposal for Coleman Underdrain Installation

2021-25: Approve Proposal for Coleman Ditch Restoration

2021-26: Approve Extending Snow Removal Contract for 2021-2022 Season

2021-27: Approve Proposal for Repairing the Sinkhole on Heather Lane 

2021-28: Approve Proposal for Additional Playground Mulch

2021-29: Accept J.P. Const. Bid to Paint Exterior Doors

2021-30: Endorse the 2021 Climate Action Plan

2021-31: Approve IMLRMA Membership and Renewal

2021-32: Approve Proposal for Yard Repair at 5N790 PVD

2021-33: Approve Proposal for Read Road Repair

2021-34: Approving 2022 Meeting Schedule

To view prior years, please visit the Village office or request a copy through our 'Contact" link

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