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Lily Lake Village Code   Posted fees may vary, see Clerk for updated rates

Lily Lake Zoning Map

International Property Maintenance Code 2015 adopted. 

The International Property Maintenance Code 2015 along with all the amendments are available for review at the Village Office during normal business hours.


Commonly requested Village Ordinance/Resolution:

Ord. 2007-07: Signs

Ord. 2009-09: Weeds and Grass

Ord. 2010-13: Solicitation 

Ord. 2013-07: Allowing domestic hens (registration below)

Ord. 2015-01: Parking in "T" shaped Cul-de-Sac and during snow events

Res. 2022-16: Animal Control

Village code is updated through Ordinance 2023-03.  Newer amendments are provided below: 



View Prevailing Wage:

Via Ordinance, the Village has adopted the most current Prevailing Wage as ascertained by the County of Kane and the State of Illinois. Click above to view these rates.   

Village code is updated through Ordinance 2023-03.  Newer amendments are provided below: 

Ord. 2023-01: Amend Village Code - Food Vendors

Ord 2023-02:  Amend Village Code - Administration - Plan Commission Members

Ord 2023-03:  Amend Village Code - Administration - Officers

Ord 2023-04:  Appropriations

Ord 2023-05:  Amend Village Code-Video Gaming Registration

Ord 2023-06:  Comcast Franchise Agreement

Ord 2023-07:  Variation 06N095 W Sunset Views-Sport Court

Ord 2023-08:  Boundary Agreement - Village of Elburn

Ord 2023-09:  Administration; Compensation

Ord 2023-10:  Tax & Assessment Levy

Ord 2023-11:  Emergency Declaration

Village Burn Ordinance

Per State Law, off-road vehicles such as golf carts, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc., are not permitted on roadways. If stopped, you may be ticketed and if under-age, that ticket can prevent obtaining a drivers license. 

Off-Road Vehicle Use

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