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Lily Lake Village Code  (updated through Ord 2023-03 - newer amendments are below) 

Lily Lake Zoning Map


Village code is updated through Ordinance 2023-03.  Newer amendments are provided below: 

Ord 2024-01: Amend Village Code - Traffic; Unscheduled Bus Stop

Ord 2024-02: Boundary Extension with the Village of Burlington

Ord 2024-03: Amend Ord 2024-01 - Traffic; Unscheduled Bus Stop

Ord 2024-04: Amend Village Code; Public Safety; Video Gaming

Ord 2024-05: Propose Special Service Area No. 7 Oasis Travel Center

Ord 2024-05: Exhibit A

Ord 2024-06: Amend Village Code; Zone; Residential; Livestock

Ord 2024-07: Amend Village Code; Public Safety; Nuisance; Noise

Ord 2024-08: Appropriate FY 2024-2025 Budget

Ord 2024-09: Amend Village Code; Compensation; Plan Commission

Ord 2024-10: Establish Special Service Area No. 7 Oasis Travel Center


Off-Road Vehicle Use

Per State Law, off-road vehicles such as golf carts, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc., are not permitted on roadways. If stopped, you may be ticketed and if under-age, that ticket can prevent obtaining a drivers license. 

Ord. 2023-01: Amend Village Code - Food Vendors

Ord 2023-02:  Amend Village Code - Administration - Plan Commission Members

Ord 2023-03:  Amend Village Code - Administration - Officers

Ord 2023-04:  Appropriations

Ord 2023-05:  Amend Village Code-Video Gaming Registration

Ord 2023-06:  Comcast Franchise Agreement

Ord 2023-07:  Variation 06N095 W Sunset Views-Sport Court

Ord 2023-08:  Boundary Agreement - Village of Elburn

Ord 2023-09:  Administration; Compensation

Ord 2023-10:  Tax & Assessment Levy

Ord 2023-11:  Emergency Declaration

Ord 2023-12: Amend Video Gaming

Free Range Chicken Farm

View Prevailing Wage:

By Ordinance, the Village has adopted the most current Prevailing Wage as ascertained by the County of Kane and the State of Illinois.

Click above to view these rates.   

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